Snowboarding Group Lessons 8 - 16 years
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Snowboarding Group Lessons 8 - 16 years

Snowboard courses are aimed at older children who would like to develop their snowboarding skills. All courses are held by experienced instructors and tailored to the participants’ skill level.

Snowboarding group lessons are suitable for ages 8 and above. Courses are 2days (Saturday - Sunday) or 5 days (Monday - Friday). Each lesson is 90 minutes.

Choose the date, which days you would like, and the skill level. Click on one of the lessons in this list to see the required level of skill and experience, as well as what we intend participants to get out of these lessons. In the beginner course we focus most on having fun and learning the basics; the follow-up course gives participants the chance to improve their technique, get a better flow and learn some simple tricks.

Pre-book your place at the Ski & Snowboard School at least 24 hours in advance.